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Lamborghini La gamme en photos > AVENTADOR LP 7xx-4

Prototype LP700-4 - V12 2011
<< Videos The New twelve-cylinder -2011 >>
81 images
Dernière ajoutée le 02/12/11
New lp700-4 - For Murcielago Successor
Geneva 2011

-New V-12 -700 Horsepower For Murcielago Successor.

-Murciélago successor introduces pushrod suspensions in series production for the first time

< Videos The New twelve-cylinder -2011 >
53 images
Dernière ajoutée le 02/27/11
Salon de GENEVE 2011
Salon de Geneve 2011, presentation de la nouvelle Lamborghini Aventador LP700/4 - 2.9.S le 0 a 100 km/h 700hp
292 images
Dernière ajoutée le 07/21/11
Photos officiel Lp 700
Photos officiel Lp 700
13 images
Dernière ajoutée le 03/01/11
Lp 700-4 Body frame
Lp 700-4 Body frame
33 images
Dernière ajoutée le 07/21/11
Paris 2012 - LP 700-4 my2013
salon de Paris 2012
photos :

News Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 :
gain d?efficacité grâce à la désactivation des cylindres et au
système innovant stop-start

Grâce à des solutions
technologiques d?avant-garde, la Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 renforce
sa position de leadership dans la catégorie des voitures super sportives : un
système stop-start à la fois innovant et ultra-rapide doté de supercaps pour
l?accumulation d?énergie électrique et le système de désactivation des
cylindres quand le moteur fonctionne à charge partielle, ils assurent une
réduction significative de la consommation de carburant. En outre,
l'Aventador Model Year 2013 se distingue par la présence de nouvelles
possibilités de personnalisation.
53 images
Dernière ajoutée le 10/19/12
LP 700-4 Roadster
The ultimate open-air experience: Automobili Lamborghini presents the new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster

On the heels of the successful coupe introduced in Summer 2011, and with over 1,300 units already delivered to customers, the House of the Raging Bull is now offering the convertible version of the Aventador, a vehicle that perfectly balances the ultimate driving experience with the ultimate in sports car sophistication.

The new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster can immediately be recognized by the unique profile of its upper area, which extends along newly designed geometric lines from the removable roof to the engine hood.

The Roadster's design is the result of a careful study into the best way of combining performance, elegant style, ease of use and a driving experience that excites all five senses.

The two-piece roof is made entirely from carbon fiber using various technologies such as RTM and Forged Composite®. These technologies guarantee maximum aesthetic performance and stiffness although each component is extremely light, weighing less than 6 kg. These two parts are removable, easy to handle, and being lightweight and simple to attach, can be stored in the front luggage compartment. In just a few seconds the Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster can be admired in all its luxurious beauty.

186 images
Dernière ajoutée le 10/24/13
Aventador LP 720-4 50th Anniversario
In celebration of its 50th
birthday and against the backdrop of the Shanghai Auto Show, Automobili
Lamborghini is presenting a very special super sports car with exclusive
equipment and technology. The Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50th
Anniversario is a limited and numbered series of 100 units worldwide. Each
unit has a Forged Composite badge with the 50th logo and a serial number.
With its output increased to 720 hp, its new performance-oriented front and
rear design, the special paintwork and unique interior trim, this Aventador is
one of the most exclusive models ever produced in the history of Lamborghini.
22 images
Dernière ajoutée le 10/24/13
Aventador Roadster LP 720-4 50th Anniversario
Aventador Roadster LP 720-4 50th Anniversario
18 images
Dernière ajoutée le 10/24/13